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Shared Hosting
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Shared Hosting

PCGuys offer great low cost and high quality web solutions and are here to cater for every one of your needs, feel free to contact us on live help or telephone support before purchasing to see if PCGuys can recommend a package to meet your needs our highly trained support team will be here to help you with and online services you may need. PCGuys also offer specially designed Business Packages that include domain name, web space and virtual Fax, Click on the business Hosting Link on the main menu or contact us for more information.

Shared Hosting from the PCGuys is a low cost solution to your hosting needs starting from £1 a month with almost all the features you would expect from dedicated hosting. If you’re new to the world of hosting the term shared hosting may not mean a great deal to you so we will give you a quick rundown, shared hosting is more or less exactly what it sounds like there is 1 high power cluster of web servers and the hosting is shared between a group of users. This is great solution to the overall cost of hosting especially since most of the websites out there do not need dedicated servers.

The likes of YouTube and Facebook require dedicated hosting, but a good quality shared hosting system can easily maintain a million hits a month, especially if the website is well optimised, which is a good idea to do anyways since Google takes into account load time when choosing who gets a top ten spot on their search engine.

Shared Hosting is low cost and dedicated hosting is often only needed when hosting something such as a video sharing site as most hosting companies do not allow FFMPEG (Required to encode videos) on their servers due to the server load it creates. If you are looking to host a Video sharing website, you will require either dedicated hosting or cloud hosting, there are companies out there that offer shared hosting for video sharing sites but the performance is simply subpar and will lead to the death of a slow performing video site. If your blogging or running an online shop, a gaming website, auction site or anything of the sort shared hosting will almost always be more than enough.

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